Wearing Method of Headscarf

Wearing Method of Headscarf


Several Wearing Methods of Headscarves

The first method of wearing is:

1. Buckle the lid in the middle with a pin.

2. Pull the tail end of the left scarf behind the head and button it up.

3. Buckle the rest on the left shoulder

The second way of wearing is:

1. Put the scarf on the chin.

2. Pull the scarf on the right side to the left shoulder and button it up.

Chinese National Headscarf Style

Chinese National Headscarf Style

3. Pull the rest to the right shoulder and buckle it.

The third way of wearing is:

1. Fix the position of the headscarf, and then fasten the small needle on the left and right part of the headscarf.

2. Pull the left scarf over the right shoulder and button it up.

3. Put the rest on your left shoulder and buckle it.

Fourth way of wearing:

1. Buckle the middle part of the headscarf, then pull the left part of the headscarf to the right.

2. Pull it all the way to the back of your head.

3. Buckle it with a pin.

4. Finally, fasten the left part to the left.

Fifth way of wearing:

1. Need two different colors of headscarves. First, fasten the inner headscarf.

Tea picking woman

Tea picking woman

2. Fix the left and right sides of the outer scarf with a needle.

3. Tidy the headscarf, let part of it cover the chest, the rest fasten on the left shoulder with pins.

Sixth way of wearing:

1. Fix the headscarf on your chin and button it up.

2. Pull the right scarf over the left shoulder and button it up.

Note: This kind of wearing method is simple and good-looking, suitable for office workers.