The Matching Method of Hairpin

The Matching Method of Hairpin


When you want to curl your hair, braid eight pigtails before going to bed at night

When you want to curl your hair, braid eight pigtails before going to bed at night, loosen them the next day, comb them with big teeth, and clip on two beautiful multicolored hairpins. They immediately become fashionable metropolitan girls.

A pinch of hair on the top of the back is scraped from top to bottom with a pin comb. Firstly, some setting water is sprayed. Then, the pin comb is used to comb the hair from the root to the tail, keep the top of the head fluffy, divide the Liu Hai at 7:3, and buckle the water drill clip on the broader forehead hair. A retro Ago head is immediately changed.

Divide the hair at 9:1 and braid it into loose braids from the bottom of the ear to the left and right, clip a hairpin on the side of the ear with less edges, look in the mirror, and a fashionable braided sister comes out.

With a fine comb, divide the hair 7:3, apply some hair scales (or hair gel), plaster the hair flat behind your ears with fine teeth, and clip a large hairpin obliquely along the curvature of the hair along the 7-minute fringe of the Liu Hai. You are a charming, bright and beautiful woman.

It's also easy to dress up as a temperamental beauty who doesn't eat fireworks. It's simple and stylish to put hair in the middle with hair scales (or hair gel), comb it straight with a fine-toothed comb, and clip fashionable hairpins on both sides of the forehead at equal distances.

Seven-thirds of the hair, seven-thirds of the hair deliberately left, a little lower front hair, pay attention to make it look casual, the rest in a bunch and twist the front half, behind the ear with a button hairpin fixed above, can create a youthful atmosphere, people will think you are the daughter of the God of spring came to the world with a smile.